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At Rainbow, there is no academic ceiling. The learning environment cultivates a desire for students to challenge themselves, take risks, and reach new heights. Built upon this strong foundation, our curriculum affords students the opportunity to explore an intellectual passion or nurture a new interest within our broad course offerings.

Our goal is to ensure that all students have a unique learning experience providing them with the opportunities to go beyond the classroom to expand their knowledge. At the heart of Rainbow’s academic program is an exceptional curriculum that fosters critical thinking, agile problem solving, collaboration, and curiosity across all disciplines.

How We Support Your Learning Goals

Our educational methodology is based on helping each student to ​“learn how to learn” and to recognise and develop their own individual talents and abilities. Our teachers guide and support students along their educational journey, helping them to acquire the ​ability to take responsibility for their own academic and professional futures and inspiring a life-long passion for learning​. Once the school begins, our students are immersed in a diverse and varied learning environment. Both inside and outside the classroom they will benefit from the numerous ways that we support our students.

Rainbow International School collaborates with various organizations and continues to be an active member of high profile educational associations.

Pearson Education Services

Pearson Education is a British-owned education publishing and assessment service to schools and

corporations, as well for students directly. ​Pearson provides all of the support you need to manage and run successful online and blended learning programs in any school.

Karadi Path

Karadi Path Education Company is a social innovation enterprise that creates an English environment for classrooms, rich in Indian experiences and culture, to help children learn the language through a process of discovery. It helps improve communication and English speaking skills of students.

Unique Pillars 


Students see their teachers as mentors who partner in their education, guide their growth and care deeply about their success and well-being. We’re extremely selective and take great care to ensure that they’re not only qualified, but genuinely passionate about being here. ​We employ outstandingteachers​ and ​innovative teaching and learning strategies​ ​to identify and nurture the specific talents​ of each individual.


There are weekly academic support sessions with our expert teachers on hand to give you additional support and guidance. You can discuss areas for improvement as well as any topics from class which require further explanation. Our teachers can also recommend additional study materials so you maximise your learning opportunities.


You have regular progress tests to identify what you have learned. These tests are designed to measure your progress and identify areas for improvement.


Digital classrooms, Labs, Many of our classrooms have interactive whiteboards to make lessons more interactive, engaging and fun. Wifi is available throughout our schools so you can access the internet, connect with your friends and family as well as access our online platform.


Continue studying outside the classroom! As soon as you join the school you will have access 24/7 to our online platform which provides additional exercises appropriate to your level and needs. The platform is available on laptop, PCs and smartphones.

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